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Braided Hoses & Garden Tubing

Suction Hoses
have excellent resistance to inside and outside pressure because they are designed with hard chloride-vinyl resin between inside and outside and also have a good flexibility.

Salient Features:
1. Highly Flexible and light weight
2. The transparent hoses show inner movement
3. Good resistance to chemicals, pressure and abrasion, ideal for transporting powders and granular materials
1. For agriculture, industry, construction, engineering and shipping
2. For suction and discharge operation
3. For protective covering of electrical wiring
4. For transporting chemical and powders
5. For water supply and drainage system that demands flexibility
6. For drawing water from well and tankers
7. For transporting oil for industry
8. For transporting concrete
9. For suction operations in civil and engineering and mining
Garden Tubings
Salient Features:
1. Available in all sizes up to 2’’ and in various wall thickness.
2. These are light in weight and have high flexibility
3. Available in 30mtr coils and in 100mtr coils for ¾’’ only
4. High grade translucent material
5. Various attractive colors having permanent glossy finish
1. For pneumatic air control systems
2. For gardening
3. For building construction
4. For automobile industry
Braided Hose Pipes

The Braided PVC pipe has built in meticulously selected yarn, braided between inner and outer layers for a best
quality pipe.

Salient Features:
1. It is resistant to pressure, chemicals, alkalis, acids and oil.
2. It can be used in all climatic conditions.
1. Air / pneumatic
2. Rock drilling
3. Car washing
4. Water hose
5. Super spray
6. Welding

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Tirupati Irrigation System Pvt Ltd
Plain Ended/Self Socketed Pipes with Solvent Cement Joints

The use of PVC for production of pipes is one of the most important development in helping to fulfill the basic need of clean and hygienic water. Kisan (Tirupati Irrigation System Pvt Ltd) uPVC pipes are made from highest grade quality resin.
Kisan (Tirupati Irrigation System Pvt Ltd) Self socketed pipes have one end self socketed and the other end plain, which fit snugly, doing away with the need for couplers. They are made on the latest state of the art extrusion machines and are available in a range from 20mm to 400mm OD. The sophisticated control system ensures end product for quality surpassing the BIS and ISO requirements.

Salient Features:
1. Manufactured as per is: IS 4985 specifications
2. Economical: Esay to fit installation process saves time, minimizes labour and regular maintenance costs
3. Light weight: Weighs 1/6th of steel pipes and 1/8th of lead pipes thus making it easy to handle, transport and install
4. High resistance: High resistance to fire, chemicals and corrosion, leads to increased safety
5. Thermal expansion: Low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for irrigation regardless of climatic conditions
6. Durability: High inert strength and inbuilt resilience makes pipes immune to galvanic and
electrolytic action thereby ensuring greater durability
7. High quality & reliability
Installation Procedure (Ring fit pipes jointing)
1. Inspect the pipe and fitting to ensure that they match perfectly
2. Cut the pipe square using a hacksaw then remove burr and even surface using a flier.
3. Sand paper the outside and inside the fittings, wipe clean using a clean brush.
4. Apply solvent cement evenly not more not less with soft brush on the outside of pipe and inside of the fittings.
5. Insert the pipe in fitting and turn it through 180* to ensure even distribution of PVC solvent cement.
6. Hold the joint for 2 minutes and ensure pipe doesnot slip out of fitting.
7. Wipe and clean the excess PVC solvent cement from entire surface of joint and keep undisturbed for atleast 30 minutes.
1. Irrigation Scheme
2. Tube well
3. Gobar gas Line
4. Rainwater drainage
5. Drinking water supply lines for potable water services
6. Sewerage and waste lines
7. Main line for sprinklers/drip pipeline
8. Underground or open pipeline
9. Telecommunication and cable ducting
10. Installation for brewery pipelines
11. Horticultural and green house technology
12. Installation in chemical plants
13. Surface water drainage
14. Factory supply lines, etc

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